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Your portfolio is a prime tool.

To begin work as a commercial / fashion model – you need a professional modelling portfolio and a comp card.

Your modeling portfolio is the most important expenditure you will make in the business of becoming a model. It is your marketing tool. It is how you will show modeling agencies and potential clients that you have the ability to act and portray the characters that they need for their advertising campaign.

Your modeling portfolio and the comp card (zed card) that you have printed will ALWAYS be seen by a potential agency / filmmaker or client – before you are.

The modeling portfolio should be filled with photographs that look as though they have been published. You want people to assume that the pictures in your book have been used in a commercial advertisement or fashion magazine.

Certainly – if you are asked, be honest. But you want to impress people with images that look as close to the real thing as possible and show not only how attractive you are – but how much personality you have.

Remember, if someone looks at your photos and comments on the outfit – you have failed. Your portfolio is designed to sell you – not the clothing, definitely not jewellery, and definitely not the makeup or photographers creativity.

We have over 19 years experience doing photo shoots for a wide range of people and we are regarded as one of the best creative photographic studios in Chennai. People regularly travel from all over the India to work with us rather than other studios they've looked at because of the creativity of our work, and they recommend their friends afterwards because they had a great experience and loved the photos.

Mini Shoot

This package is only Rs.17960, which is a one hour photo shoot, and you'll need to do your own hair and makeup. You will get a CD of the best photos from the shoot within a week, you will get retouched Black & White pictures with this package

Half a day Shoot

Rs.25690/- gets you a half day studio shoot with makeup & posture guidance. We do a variety of looks, whatever styles you like, including head shots and full body shots. So it's perfect for starting or adding to a portfolio. This package gets you the best images retouched on the CD.

Full Day Shoot

Rs.31960/- gets you a full day photo shoot. There will be the best images retouched on the CD, enough to create a whole portfolio from scratch. Includes Black & White, various color toned pictures & a theme based photography as per the characteristic of the models.

  • Customized Portfolio packages as per your budget also available.
  • Depending on your budget we can try finding a suitable package for you. Packages starts from "Mini Shoot" to "Video Portfolio" - Pricing Rs.9,600/- to Rs.1,76,000/-.
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